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Stem Cell Regenerative Treatments


Regenerative Therapies

Many of today’s medical treatments for pain are geared at addressing and managing the symptoms of pain and not the underlying conditions. Through the use of devices, such as spinal cord stimulators, injections, therapy, and medications, many patients find some degree of relief and often see an increase in quality of life.

A new form of treatment for many painful conditions is regenerative therapy or regenerative medicine. Regenerative therapy has the potential to fully heal or restore damaged organs, muscle, nerves, and other tissues. Advances in the technology and understanding of how the body heals itself, how stem cells function and advanced knowledge in areas of cell biology, immunology, and other medical fields have created new opportunities for medical care through breakthroughs in the way these components all work together. The physicians at New Jersey Pain Management have been on the forefront of this game-changing area of medicine for several years.

With regenerative therapy, the body can be programmed to heal itself. This is done in two ways:

Replacement therapy– Replacement involves using healthy cells, tissue or organs from a living or deceased donor, to replace damaged tissue or organs. Procedures such as organ transplants are an example of replacement therapy.

Regeneration therapy– Regeneration uses healthy cells or stem cells delivered to diseased or injured tissue or organs so the body can restore itself. Bone marrow transplants are an example of a regenerative procedure.

Regenerative therapies have shown to aid in recovery from injury and surgery. To learn more and find out if you’re a candidate for regenerative therapy, make an appointment with a physician at New Jersey Pain Management or contact us.

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